Top-Notch Home Interior Designer

Artopia Interiors is a home interior designer that is based in Mapleton, UT, but we are not limited to home design. Chic entrepreneurs located in the areas of rely on us for commercial interior designing. If you are wondering how we managed to do that, you should continue reading this article.

Home Staging Service

Being in the interior design business for over twenty years has taught us that visual appeal can speak volumes about the overall condition of the house. A potential buyer would definitely be put off by your shabby interiors even if the house is structurally sound, so this project is critical in the successful selling of your house. Other than the fact that this service will make your realtor’s job easier, it would also make your home stand out from other houses in the market. To top it all off, buyers are more willing to pay the asking price after a staging service is done.

Buyers are usually attracted to big places. We can create the illusion of a big space for you. One of the best ways to achieve that would be to install pedestal sinks in your bathrooms. We would also ask you to get rid of bulky pieces of furniture so that there will be more legroom. Other than a big place, a modern kitchen is also a great selling point. We can do that by taking care of your outdated kitchen cabinets. This can be accomplished by staining them.

Painting Service

We can also modernize your house with this service, but before we proceed to our task, we would need to educate you about the psychology of color, especially if we will be working on your house interiors. You need to understand that the paint color can greatly affect the mood of those who occupy the room. Cool colors would work well in the bedroom because it will help you calm down. On the other hand, warm colors, especially those with a hint of red, can be welcoming, so they are best for your living room.

You can rely on Artopia Interiors to deliver an expertly done faux finish and residential interior designing projects. So if you feel that your home in Mapleton, UT needs tender loving care, you should immediately call us at (801) 319-9496. We can guarantee that we will restore it to its former glory.